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Return Customer Needing Update

2020 missionary prayer card update to one of our popular templates


Need more prayer cards?
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The Snell family reached out to us 8 months ago to help them make their prayer cards.  Their ministry is serving at a hospital in Zambia. We enjoyed working with them on this project! They were organized with their information and design ideas. And as a result of timely responses to questions and thorough proof review, we delivered the completed files within a few days. 

A week ago, the Snells reached out again to update their information. We gave them a discount because all the hard work was already done and we want to be fair with my prices. We just needed to update the photo (because they added another cute family member) and add a logo of a church sponsor. Very simple.

Are you looking to update your prayer cards? Send us a message and we can get you some fresh updated prayer cards as well!