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How can I get more information about my mission into my supporters hands?

Mark first reached out to us after he saw our original missionary prayer card listing on Etsy.  He asked if we would make him a custom design with a drawing on the back.  Of course, we said yes and got to work on his design.  You might recognize it.  It quickly became our best selling item in the store.

Mark used those cards to get the support he needed to go the Comoros Islands off of Africa for a year.  Mark returned this last summer and was starting a new round of support raising.  He came back to us and asked if we would make a Case of Support flyer for him (as well as print more prayer cards with contact updates).   Of course, we said yes again.  We love supporting missionaries and helping them keep consistencies in their brand.  Mark’s Case for Support shared his backstory, information about the area he is serving, and how he is serving his community by teaching English to the island people.  The flyer highlights his fund-raising goals and how people can partner with him.

We love the idea of the case of support because It clearly lays out the facts and allows the reader to understand the ministry needs at hand.  If you are interested in this design for your own Case of Support, purchase here.  If you are interested in creating a different design, send us a message!