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Nickson Missionary Magnet


4×6 inch Missionary Magnet

These magnets are prefect for showcasing your ministry.  All your ministry details are out in front, serving as a simple reminder to your supporters to pray for you when they come across it.  Earn prime real estate on fridges, doors, desks or any other metallic surface. They’re big enough to stand out and make sure your ministry is front-and-center.

4×6 inches Missionary Card Magnet

Front: Name(s), area serving, photo, contact and support information, mission statement…etc. Custom-made to what you need. 

We understand some customers wish to keep country information anonymous for safety reasons and will only include what you provide.

Please reference FAQs for additional information.

Overall customer satisfaction


Professionally printed
17 pt durable magnet


4 x 6 inches one-sided


Your preference or let us decide based on photo
Photos should be a minimum of 2500 pixels wide for best print quality

You or your family and logos if applicable

3 rounds

Processing Time
2 weeks from order to delivery
Faster options available at checkout


Please include preferred color or let us decide based on your photos


Photo of yourself or family, logo option, and backside image (stock images available upon request)

Print Quantity

25, 50, 100, 250, 500